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Polyurethane Snow Plow Wings

The Polyurethane Snow Plow Wings Features

  • Polyurethane replacements at rubber prices!

  • Urethane parts out last rubber by up to five times

  • HEAVY DUTY Urethane pieces are 1″ X 10″ X 12″

  • 85 / 90 durometer hardness

  • Buy direct from the manufacturer – eliminate middle man.

Polyurethane wings have a five times higher abrasion resistance than rubber wings. Using polyurethane wings made from a special formulated compound will reduce labor cost and downtime. Our new compound gives you urethane quality wings at rubber / neoprene pricing.

Top 6 Reasons Polyurethane Snow Plow Wings Are Better Than Rubber Snow Plow Wings

  1. Outlasts Rubber by up to five times
  2. Will not damage roadway markings, reflectors or cobblestone.
  3. Wings can be custom made to your specification. NO LIMITATIONS – Deal directly with the manufacturer.
  4. Reversible design provides two useable wear edges doubling the life.
  5. Polyurethane quality plow wing at rubber wing pricing!
  6. Reduce truck downtime because you don’t have to change the plow wings as often – Cut maintenance costs.

Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Please contact us if you have any questions or require custom parts.

Urethane Snow Plow Wing Set

Polyurethane Snow Plow Wing Set

Urethane Snow Plow Replacement Wings

Polyurethane Snow Plow Replacement Wings