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Polyurethane Cutting Edge / Blade Installation

1. Remove old blade from plow.

2. Lay old blade over new cutting edge, drill hole pattern.

3. For general use, leave urethane exposed the thickness of blade. For example:

  • ½” thick blade = ½” urethane exposed
  • 1” thick blade = 1” urethane exposed
  • 1 ½” thick blade = 1 ½” urethane exposed

4. Drill urethane cutting edge/blade.

5. Assemble polyurethane between snow plow & old worn blade (or heavy duty washers). Using old blade is highly recommended.

6. Bolt together.

7. As blade edge wears, you can do one of two things: either lower blade and redrill holes, or flip the blade 180 degrees. This will help you get the most life out of your urethane cutting edge.

Meyer Cutting Edge