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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my polyurethane blade last?

That all depends, too many variables, but longer than you would think.

Does the polyurethane blade come pre-drilled?

No. List pricing does not include holes. 

Can I get my polyurethane blade drilled or slotted?

Yes. At an additional cost. However, it is easiest to drill yourself using old carbide blade for the hole pattern at your location.

What are the advantages of a polyurethane blade?

Less surface damage, quiet, reduces obstacle impact, reduces wear and tear on truck.

Is the blade pre-beveled?

No. The natural wear of urethane is the best way to go.

How will my blade be shipped?

UPS – If 108″ length or less. Otherwise, will have to be shipped via LTL carrier.

Do you handle all types of snow plow blade equipment?

No. We are a professional urethane manufacturing company that specializes in the forulation and production of the replacement cutting edges, along with other urethane products.

How do I order my blade?

Via our online store or eBay.