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We can customize any blank blade to any plow. Just provide us with your bolt pattern and size. Or, we can send you a blank and you can easily drill your own holes/slots.

Urethane snowplow blades have been attached to plow trucks and ATV’s for decades to protect delicate surfaces like concrete or curbing while providing some vibration protection and shock resentence to the equipment. Urethane snowplow cutting edges are typically made from a urethane bar that is customized to fit any piece of equipment. The latter material guarantees exceptional performance due to its high resistance and elasticity. 
Universal Urethanes snowplow cutting edge is the ideal solution for moving large quantities of snow or ice and for its durability also at low temperatures. A heavy steel bar is then bolted on top of the urethane bar to provide additional strength. Universal Urethane has a unique ability to tailor our raw material with additives that will enhance wear properties and add lubricity that is resisted to both rust and corrosion damage. Urethane is also non-marking with a noticeable noise reduction vs. other similar materials which is ideal for snow removal. We have the ability to reverse engineer existing parts to be able to produce replacement parts often times costing less the OEM equipment with physical properties often times greater than the original blade.

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