Urethane Snowplow Wear Edge

Universal Urethane’s surface saver wear bar is the newest technology in the snow removal industry. Our wear bar blades last up to five times longer than any other rubber wear bar in the market today. We have designed our snowplow cutting edge with a reversible fit that provides two usable wear edges doubling the life. The snowplow blades elastomer compounds help aid the force of friction between the blade and the ground to increase the lifespan of the snowplow.


Our plow blades are designed to eliminate plow scraping noises. Not only do our snowplow blades eliminate noises, but they reduce damage to driveways, parking lots, road markings, reflectors, or cobblestone. Our wear bars fit every standard size snowplow and can be customized to fit any length and thickness for trucks, tractors or ATV’s.

Many snowplow cutting edges in the industry today chip and break off when plowing at aggressive angles, but our snowplow cutting edges have been specially formulated to withstand angles up to -30 degrees allowing you to plow right down to the surface. Steel blades tend to rust overtime leaving long rusting marks on the ground that will have to go back and be repaired. However, given our elastic properties of our cutting edges, our blades leave behind no physical damage to the paving surface allowing longer operating times and less maintenance time.